Friday, 27 August 2010

Lavender and Lace

Site - Swapbot
Swap - Lavender and Lace
Number of Inchies - 8 total - 4 each / 2 partners

This is the second in the colour series - Lavender.

For my first partner:

I love the planning stage of inchies - going through my boxes of bits and pieces and picking out the embellishments I want to use.

and for my second partner:

I happened to be in a DIY store just after signing up for this swap and as I walked past the paint samples, the colours just jumped out at me! I will definitely be using more of them!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tickled Pink

Site - Swapbot
Swap - Tickled Pink
Number of Inchies - 8 total - 4 each / 2 partners

Earlier in the month I shared the inchies I was sending out for this swap - I have now received one of my two sets - and dobie256 has spoilt me with an extra 2 inchies.

I truly cannot pick a favourite, I just love them all. They are going to be a beautiful addition to my colour themed inchie set.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Alphabet Inchie Swap - Part 2

Site - Craftster
Swap - Alpha Inchie Swap
Number of inchies - 26

This time I am sharing one of the sets I received in the Alpha Inchie Swap. I am sharing these by partner, as that is how I photographed them.

These stunning four inchies came from Craftster user alorralora and they are all hand drawn. The backgrounds are beautiful.

The organisation behind the swap was courtesy of llisaredd and she did an amazing job.

Each swapper completed a full set from A-Z and llisa had worked a way for each person to send 4 or 5 to each of their group so that everybody ended up with a full set.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Alphabet Inchie Swap - Part 1

Site - Craftster
Swap - Alpha Inchies
Number of Inchies - 26 total - 4 or 5 each / 6 partners

I loved the idea of this swap - it is not the first alpha inchie swap I have done, I have also completed an Alpha series on Swapbot.

I am going to post these in a series of posts, otherwise it would be a very long post! I photographed the ones I sent as individuals, so today I am sharing A to E. Some of them I just used the letter as the main feature and others I used a word starting with the letter.

A - just the letter, beaded onto a felt background
B- Bovine - I found the cute cow image, but had already made C!
C - cut out letter on cardstock background with gems
D - discombobulated - hubby's choice - his favourite word.
E - perspex letter and more gems!
I loved working on this series - I did not work in any order, just picked letters as inspiration struck. I will share more soon.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tickled Pink

Site - Swapbot
Swap - Tickled Pink - Inchie Love group swap
Number of Inchies - 8 total - 4 each / 2 partners

This swap looks like it is going to be the first of a series co-ordinated by LauraAust. In her words "...a series of swaps spanning the rainbow." The first in the series is the colour pink, as that was the suggestion that started things off.

For my first partner:

I find it really hard to stick to completely flat images - I almost always end up with some sort of 3d embellishment! I have not had any complaints yet, but I almost always check first that people are happy with that!!

and for my second partner:

I have just started to dip into the world of linked inchies, like the champagne bottle here and I am really enjoying making them - I am sure more will be appearing!

I have already signed up for her next swap - the theme is lilac.

New blog!

I have been addicted to inchies for just over a year and in that time I have swapped these little works of art with some amazing artists.

Inchies, as I understand it, developed from the popularity of the ATC (Artist Trading Cards). The rules are simple:

- the base of the piece of art has to be 1" square
- it has to be fairly sturdy
- it cannot just be a sticker on a piece of card - these are pieces of art, after all!

Apart from that, anything goes - card, material or polymer clay; flat or 3d; altered images, hand drawn or collages; with or without words - there is no limit to the number of ideas you can come up with. Some swappers are happy that the decoration overhangs the 1" and some are not - personally, it does not bother me in the slightest and I do not usually check, unless it is more than a touch over. Even in a themed swap, the variety is outstanding - even when 2 people choose the same idea within a theme, the inchies are completely different.

I now have such a collection that I have decided to record them here - starting with my most recent swaps, eventually posting all the older swaps also. I am planning to post both inchies sent and received, so my record is complete.

I have swapped inchies through both the Swapbot and Craftster sites and I love each in different ways. Swapbot has a larger range of smaller swaps, great for completing in an evening or weekend. Craftster has much larger swaps, with more swappers involved - the most recent one I swapped in, I ended up with 96 inchies! I have no preference which site I use, I tend to pick and choose depending on the swaps available!