Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tickled Pink

Site - Swapbot
Swap - Tickled Pink - Inchie Love group swap
Number of Inchies - 8 total - 4 each / 2 partners

This swap looks like it is going to be the first of a series co-ordinated by LauraAust. In her words "...a series of swaps spanning the rainbow." The first in the series is the colour pink, as that was the suggestion that started things off.

For my first partner:

I find it really hard to stick to completely flat images - I almost always end up with some sort of 3d embellishment! I have not had any complaints yet, but I almost always check first that people are happy with that!!

and for my second partner:

I have just started to dip into the world of linked inchies, like the champagne bottle here and I am really enjoying making them - I am sure more will be appearing!

I have already signed up for her next swap - the theme is lilac.

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