Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Alphabet Inchie Swap - Part 1

Site - Craftster
Swap - Alpha Inchies
Number of Inchies - 26 total - 4 or 5 each / 6 partners

I loved the idea of this swap - it is not the first alpha inchie swap I have done, I have also completed an Alpha series on Swapbot.

I am going to post these in a series of posts, otherwise it would be a very long post! I photographed the ones I sent as individuals, so today I am sharing A to E. Some of them I just used the letter as the main feature and others I used a word starting with the letter.

A - just the letter, beaded onto a felt background
B- Bovine - I found the cute cow image, but had already made C!
C - cut out letter on cardstock background with gems
D - discombobulated - hubby's choice - his favourite word.
E - perspex letter and more gems!
I loved working on this series - I did not work in any order, just picked letters as inspiration struck. I will share more soon.

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