Sunday, 8 August 2010

New blog!

I have been addicted to inchies for just over a year and in that time I have swapped these little works of art with some amazing artists.

Inchies, as I understand it, developed from the popularity of the ATC (Artist Trading Cards). The rules are simple:

- the base of the piece of art has to be 1" square
- it has to be fairly sturdy
- it cannot just be a sticker on a piece of card - these are pieces of art, after all!

Apart from that, anything goes - card, material or polymer clay; flat or 3d; altered images, hand drawn or collages; with or without words - there is no limit to the number of ideas you can come up with. Some swappers are happy that the decoration overhangs the 1" and some are not - personally, it does not bother me in the slightest and I do not usually check, unless it is more than a touch over. Even in a themed swap, the variety is outstanding - even when 2 people choose the same idea within a theme, the inchies are completely different.

I now have such a collection that I have decided to record them here - starting with my most recent swaps, eventually posting all the older swaps also. I am planning to post both inchies sent and received, so my record is complete.

I have swapped inchies through both the Swapbot and Craftster sites and I love each in different ways. Swapbot has a larger range of smaller swaps, great for completing in an evening or weekend. Craftster has much larger swaps, with more swappers involved - the most recent one I swapped in, I ended up with 96 inchies! I have no preference which site I use, I tend to pick and choose depending on the swaps available!

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